December 8th, 2002
Key Arena
Seattle, Washginton

Brad & Steve Earle

Main Set...
Elderly Woman, Black, Thumbing My Way, Nothing As It Seems, Given to Fly, Save You, Hail Hail, Ghost, Corduroy, Grievance, Green Disease, I Am Mine, Love Boat Captain, You Are, 1/2 Full, Even Flow, Wishlist, Blood
First Encore...
Gimme Some Truth, Bushleaguer, Insignificance, Down, Better Man, Do The Evolution
Second Encore...
Yellow Ledbetter

For the third year in a row, I found myself in Seattle. For the third year in a row, I found myself in Seattle for the purpose of seeing Pearl Jam.

Is that such a bad thing?

Was good to be back in Seattle amongst friends. It seems like Seattle wants us there once a year. Or maybe I am imagining things.

Doerr, Bowman, and I went to the venue around noon, I believe. Not to see what was available at the box office, but to see WHO was at the box office. Sorta disappointed to see that everyone wisened up and pretty much stayed away from the box office. So many people ended up with fanclub the ticket worries seem way lessened.

Doerr went with me as I had my traditional Seattle Center pizza fix. I realized then that I must have been super hungry in 2000 and 2001 because the Seattle Center pizza is pretty bad pizza. But it is true: there is no such thing as bad pizza (can be argued, and I just contradicted myself).

More people began to show up because the fanclub ticket time was approaching. I was generously offered a fanclub ticket mere minutes before the tickets were handed out...Doerr did some schmoozing for me:-) I ended up with a seat next to Dolin in the 16th row, Jeff's side, but quite central.

Before the show, 15 of us went to Zeek's pizza. Really good stuff. So good, we decided to go there the next night. We were cutting it really close (time wise) with the food, so Kirk and I left everyone at Zeek's...just to make sure we didn't miss Brad. If Stone's performing in the same town where my body is...I ain't missin' it!

Got to my seat to meet Dolin...we walked in while Brad was playing (which I was sort of clued in on because Benton had called to tell me they were on stage). Of course, too much time has passed and I do not remember much about arriving at Key Arena and the Brad set. I do know that I acknowledged the fact that our 16th row seats weren't too shabby (it was the 2nd row in the 2nd section...but it was placed well behind the 1st section so we had a clear view of the stage, great for short people like myself).

I can say, the Brad set was way more rocking the first night than the second night (and that isn't to say that the second night sucked). Kinda cool to see Brad so shortly after seeing them (on October 30th in Detroit). A little different feeling because I've only seen Brad at St. Andrew's Hall which is a much smaller setting than Key Arena (total duh).

After Brad's set, I headed up to the concourse. I didn't really anticipate staying to see Steve Earle play. I was more interested in talking to people [to be honest]. Hung out with mostly Erica and Kirk while Steve Earle played. It seemed like it was taking forever for Pearl Jam time to come...

...when that time came, we were all in our seats. That is for sure. I had no expectations for these Seattle shows whatsoever. For the first time in a long time, I did not even ponder what the opener was going to be. Maybe it's best that way because they ended up coming out and playing Elderly Woman which has never been an opener for a show I have attended (you know, since I didn't attend the Showbox shows). It seems strange to open with Elderly Woman...but man, there are just times when you can't wait to scream "hello" and it's kinda funny to think about screaming "hello" first song into the set.

Black was second on the setlist for us that night. Very early. Then, I got to hear my first Riot Act song live...and it was Thumbing My Way...into Nothing As It Seems. It felt refreshing to hear Nothing As It Seems and I think it always feels really good to hear the song in Seattle. Next played was Given To Fly which is always a kickass song to make it onto the

When they went into Save You...after Given to Fly...I thought they were perhaps trying to kill us...kill us with rockin' songs! Hail, Hail, Ghost, and (shriek!) a clapping Corduroy! It seems like clapping during the beginning of Corduroy happens most often outdoors...but there were so many kickass people in Seattle...we were all clapping. I love clapping during Corduroy...and I love Corduroy even though Ed fucked it up (surprise, surprise). Then woosh! We're into Grievance! How rockstar!

The band went into full-on Riot Act mode...playing a few songs in a row from the album. By far, my favorite song of the entire night was in that group...and shockingly (I say that with sarcasm...cause everyone was diggin' it) it was You Are. Just a nice change of pace...just as welcomed live as it is on the album (regardless of what people say about the lyrics).

Even Flow and Wishlist came after the Riot Act grouping...right before the close of the set. I don't want to be a whiney person...but I could definitely live without Even Flow...and Wishlist. I think I am alone in the whole Even Flow game... I don't hate the song...but I've definitely heard it enough times live to be content with not hearing it for another 10 years live. But I can't complain...they closed the set with Blood. Blood...I had only heard Blood live once my very first Pearl Jam show (Toledo 1996). I was quite happy to hear that song again!

Set ended. We waited for our encore. They came out with Gimmie Some Truth which I was soooo in love with after the Bridge/Groundwork shows in 2001. I won't say this version sucked...I just like it when Ed doesn't sing lyrics correctly to cover seemed like he was concentrating too hard or's best when he has fun, you know? My fourth Gimme Some Truth live...and it falls number four on my ranking list...

Bushleaguer was fucking awesome! I looked past all the tiresome political comments Ed had made during the night and let myself enjoy this song cause it ruled up the joint. Insignificance came next and then...Down! I was happy about that song! When the I Am Mine single was released... I was really stuck on Down. I hadn't really even pondered the thought of Riot Act B-Sides for the it was almost like a total shocker...heh.

Everyone's favorite make-out/engagement song came next: Better Man. Set closed with Do The Evolution...and Edward was ALMOST dancing like he used to back in 1998. It made me very happy because that was one thing I totally missed a ton during the 2000 tour...Ed's Evolution dance.

First encore ended...and I looked up to the sky and asked, "Baba please!" So I have to admit, I was really sad when they came out and played Yellow was the end for the 8th...and time to go on and talk to pals and get ready for the 9th...

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