October 24th, 2010
Shoreline Amphitheatre
Mountain View, California

Setlist. . .
Daughter/Down/Driftin'/Other Side/The End/Walk With Me/Lukin/Just Breathe/Black/Elderly Woman

Have to be honest, I was really glad that Bridge Night 2 starts earlier and ends earlier. The weather prospects were not much better for night 2 (rainy and cool). We made the best of it and all met for some really good pizza before the show - some amazing breadsticks and pan seared gnocchi. Thinking about it makes me drool.

Got to the venue and our first task was to find a place to stay warm and dry. It wasn't really raining at this point but we knew it was coming. We found our picnic table from the day before but soon noticed that a t-shirt stand from the night before was empty. Some people were hanging out there trying to stay dry but we knew we could overtake that in a heartbeat - and so we did.

While everyone was more intent on seeing people perform on this day, Mike and I stood underneath the t-shirt stand pretty much the whole time. It worked well because I never had to buy that like $5 cup of hot cocoa to keep warm.

We had lawn tickets but Mike and I were not excited about sitting on the soggy lawn. . .so Richard and Shaunna stubbed us into their section where two empty seats happened to wait for us, right in front of their own seats. It was perfect.

Daughter opened the performance and then Down came next, which always sounds good but it was cool to hear acoustic.

Driftin', though, that's what got the party started. You gotta play Driftin' at Bridge! Love hearing about the lonely unpaved road. . .

We knew it was coming ala soundcheck on the 22nd, but I kind of had given up hope, so it was amazing when they started playing Other Side! Hopefully we get this more in the future. So. Good.

The End came next and I thought for sure Just Breathe would follow. To my surprise, it didn't, it just came later (yay?)

An encore performance of Walk With Me into acoustic Lukin with strings. . .nice!

Just Breathe fell here. I am not on the Debbie Downer Train for Just Breathe, at all, I actually like the song and hearing it live, but I have to say, I was sort of bummed it was played two nights in a row here. You know sets are short and therefore song selection is short, so I feel like it was taking up space of another awesome song we could've heard. So I guess I joined the Debbie Downer Train temporarily.

Black came next and it was SO much stronger from the first night. It was amazing. The string arrangement shone through and it was just beautiful.

Set closed with, appropriately, Elderly Woman.

After the show, we made our way to Denny's for a disappointing meal. Well maybe it was just disappointing to me since they cooked my cheese quesadilla right on top of where they had made Rich's bacon. Needless to say, it tasted like a bacon cheese quesadilla and I pretty much gagged. Good time at Denny's, but also bittersweet, knowing we were all leaving to go home in the morning.

All in all, a most excellent weekend with some very excellent people. And I wasn't even considering Pearl Jam in that statement, though they seem like excellent people ;-)

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