OCTOBER 20, 2001

Long Road, Of the Girl, Elderly Woman, Last Soldier, Daughter, Better Man, Drifting, Crazy Mary, Give Me Some Truth, Indifference (w/Ben Harper), Last Kiss

Maybe I am weird (well, I think we all kind of know that I am), but getting to Shoreline was unimaginable for me. Before the shows, I just couldn't picture it.

So when my feet hit the soil of Shoreline, it took some time to transition from this dream-like-trance.

It's just there are some venues that are more infamous than others and while you watch a video or others tell you about it, you make a mental note: I gotta go there. Maybe I have made these mental notes since 1995...

Realizing I was where I was...was also kind of difficult because I was surrounded by a million familiar faces...

I could lie and say I only go to Pearl Jam shows for the music...but really, that is the furthest thing from the truth. While, duh, a huge reason I go to shows is to see the band play live...but there's this good package deal you get along with the shows: Pearl Jam people. There's no where else I feel this weird level of comfort at besides a show where Pearl Jam is playing. You're amongst family...and sorry, I will have to spare you the use of "Jamily."

We got to the venue relatively early. We being Benton, Alex (Miller), and I. Getting closer and closer to the line-up, tons of familiar faces: Dolin, Shaunna, Nickie, Chuck, Kirk, Sundae, Rene, Baker, Trevor, etc., etc. Lots of people hadn't arrived yet, as they were being pokey little puppies:-)

While one might believe there was going to be a problem with getting a good spot on the lawn...it was quickly realized our teamwork and desire, overall, was going to be higher than that of anyone else. And we prevailed with a front, center spot on the lawn.

Sitting on the lawn was such a good time, Mr. Upgrade Man himself, Bowman, didn't even go to his seat at all during the show. It was on the lawn, Chuck mentioned that this show would be his 60th...and it hit me that this show would be my 30th...

Being amongst friends who are on the same musical wavelength as you is a lot of fun when people like Jill Sobule play. Poor girl. Hah:-)

I think my favorite non-Pearl Jam performer of the day was Billy Idol. I wasn't super amped to see him...but he kept everyone really thoroughly entertained...everyone was really getting into it...

His best line? "Get laid! Get fucked!" Good lord. In front of children even! I didn't know what was worse for the kids to hear...Billy's "Get laid! Get fucked!" chant or Jill Sobile interrupting "I Kissed A Girl" with a comment about strap-ons...

I think everyone's performance between Billy and Pearl Jam was at the "ok" level. Nothing stood out significantly to me.

It seemed to take forever for the set change between Dave Matthews and Pearl Jam. We were all so excited...didn't really know what to expect because soundchecks, while enlightening, aren't always the full-truth into what will be played. Speculation, because of soundcheck witnessing, was high regardless.

Seeing them walk on stage...even from a million miles away...still brought that rush out of us. These were our boys!!! We hadn't seen them in so long!

Thumbs up...
    Stoney G. Sexy hair, buddy!
Thumbs down...
    Abercrombie's latest model, Matty Cam.

They opened with Long Road...as if they were opening up a regular show...very nice version.

But the great part came next. Of the Girl. This was my favorite opener of the 2000 tour...even though it was common...I just love it! Even though this version was less than perfect, it so rocked the house and it was my favorite song that night. Plus, the explanation in the middle, "It's been a year." was priceless:-)

I believe the next song was Elderly WOman. I think Elderly @ Bridge is almost as obvious as Corduroy at any regular show...it's just a given.

The new song (Last Soldier) was good. It didn't blow me over...but I think it will grow on me.

Time for some truth. I do like every Pearl Jam song...but if I had to pick a least favorite...Drifting would be it. I was still happy to hear it live for the first time (only time?)...and I do have to admit, I liked it live a bunch better than the studio version.

Give Me Some Truth was great! I had only heard it once because the quality available as poo...but I did love it...and I am thrilled I got to witness it live...full band even...how rad...

Indifference with Ben was very nice.

While I wasn't entirely thrilled to hear Last Kiss...it was incredibly adorable on Ed's part to dedicate and sing it again to Maricor.

I wish the set didn't seem so short...but I guess when you're having fun...time is short...

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