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October 3rd, 2010
Double Door
Chicago, Illinois

Main Set...
Isn't That Right/Bless Me Father/Every Whisper/Low/La La La/Buttercup/Never Let Each Other Down/20th Century/Nadine/Lift/Wrapped In My Memory/Crown of Thorns/Takin' It Easy/Secret Girl/Screen/The Day Brings
Purple Rain/Suffering

I was so excited for this Brad show. It had been FAR too long since I had seen Brad live (almost a full 8 years!) I LOVE Brad. And really, I would love Brad even if there wasn't a Pearl Jam connection, though I gotta say, Mr. Gossard's musical contributions are probably a large part of why I love Brad. There isn't a Brad song I don't like and I love that they have such a large catalog for a quote/unquote (yeah I had to type that out) "side project band."

Prior to the show, Mike and I met up with Baker and Trevor across the street from the Double Door. I think the Bears were playing. Since I pay so much attention to football and I love football so much. . .don't quote me on that.

We weren't so interested in seeing the opener, which I later found out was Happy Chichester, who opened for Brad the last time I saw them live (in Detroit, not when Brad opened for Pearl Jam at the Key). Kind of disappointed because I think I remembered liking Happy Chichester. We caught the tail end of his set, and Mr. Gossard himself was out on the floor actually standing next to us. I didn't even notice at first (and they call ME a Stone fan?) which added to the hilarity of it.

I won't get into too many details, mostly because it's been almost three months, but overall, this show went by SO fast because I enjoyed every freaking second of it to the max (can't say the same for Mike since he was nursing a concussion - he didn't feel so great). Looking back at the setlist, there were probably 10 other songs I would've LOVED to have heard (like ahem, Candles. . .one of my fags) but I didn't feel let down by any means.

I had forgotten about Shawn's sense of humor. It was like one of those, "Oh yeah. . ." moments.

Every Whisper sounded amazing and I think this song is the highlight off of Best Friends. It has such an amazing feel to it - like this song has been in your soul for years and Brad finally expressed it. That sounds cheesy, but it's true. I feel like the first time you hear the song it feels like a song you've known for years, but you haven't.

It's so funny because years ago, as in 1997, the only Brad songs I liked were songs I'm kinda "eh" on now (like The Day Brings, 20th Century, Buttercup). I still like all those songs, but I don't listen to them often, but it was extremely nice to hear them live.

Shawn performed a few songs solo, which was a treat. I especially liked Crown of Thorns. . .and come on, Purple Rain? Awesome.

As we walked out the door, a local artist was selling a poster of the show for $5. Everyone kept walking by. Mike and I bought one and it's AWESOME. I hope some other people bought the poster, I felt bad for the kid. The poster was cheap AND looked great. Speaking of which. . .we need to get that framed.

I left this show, poster in hand, saying, "If Brad toured as often as Pearl Jam, I might consider giving up on the Pearl Jam and only following Brad." Yup.


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