September 13th, 2005
Copps Coliseum
Hamilton, Ontario


Ed Solo Pre-Set...
Throw Your Arms Around Me
Main Set...
Porch, Save You, Spin The Black Circle, Animal, Given To Fly, Sad, U, Corduroy, Half Full, Daughter, Lukin, Insignificance, Present Tense, Untitled, MFC, Jeremy, Better Man, Rearviewmirror
First Encore...
Thumbing My Way, I Am Mine, Harvest Moon, Black, Alive
Second Encore...
Last Exit, Go, In My Tree, Elderly Woman, Indifference, Rockin' In The Free World, Yellow Ledbetter

Um. How about Porch to open up a fucking show?!?!?!?!? Forget that stupid Throw Your Arms Around Me pre-set...who even likes that song anyway? ;-)

Yeah. I thought tonight would be a Release for sure. Dolin thought Sometimes. I'm so glad we were dead wrong. Haha! Porch! You want to talk about how no one saw that one coming...?

Awesome, awesome main set. Spin the Black Circle was a little weak...a least I thought it sounded a little Maybe you don't catch it AS much on the recording (but I still hear it). But still, they played it, so who cares?

How about Sad into U??? My first U ever! I was so angry in 2000 when they played it in St. Louis...missed that damn song by one show (the story of my life...ahem, No Way).

Other highlights included...duh, Present Tense and Untitled. I like how Ed's family life has affected some of his lyrical...choices. I think it's cute.

Oh yeah. I had GREAT seats for this night, too. I was thrilled. Dead center. Could've had a better view of Stone, but beggers can't be choosers, eh!

Lukin was fucking awesome, too! Just that random throw in...

Not sooooo thrilled about Jeremy for the third night in a row. Nor was I thrilled aboutBetter Man. But whatever...

At the first encore, everyone noticed Mike was dressed up. Very strange. Then Ed said that tonight was a special occasion. Total, "Hmmmm?"

After Thumbing My way and I Am Mine...we got an explanation. Ed's friend from childhood was getting married and he had to miss the wedding because of the show. They all put on suit coats (some Ed, who looked so silly). Ed made the crowd scream things to his friend (this was obviously videotaped). Like, "We're sorry Jack!" and "Good luck newlyweds!" Our favorite (or mine) was "Eddie is an asshole!" Priceless.

With the tuxes/suitcoats, Sleater-Kinney came out and they all performed a beautiful, beautiful version of Harvest Moon. It was a nice, special moment. Real fun.

Ed kept the tux on for the remainder of the encore (Black and Alive).

Rest of the show was great (even Elderly Woman...which the entire front section did not want to hear when they were asked). Sleater-Kinney came out for Rockin' in the Free World. And I didn't even get angry about it...I don't despise Sleater-Kinney but I was a little miffed on the 2003 tour when Sleater-Kinney came out for every single freaking encore. I'm not a fan...and if I wanted to see Sleater-Kinney in an encore, I'd go to a Sleater-Kinney show. You know? Anyway, I wasn't mad about Rockin' was actually decent. And I was verrrrrrrrry happy I got to see the band I came to see for the last two nights... and ONLY them. Yellow Ledbetter closed the show...and the end of the Canadian run for me.

It was a quick three days. It was a fun three days. It renewed a lot of those feelings I thought I lost. So glad I went...

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