September 7th, 2023
United Center
Chicago, Illinois

Setlist. . .
Elderly Woman/Daughter/Come Back/Present Tense/Why Go/Who Ever Said/Seven O'Clock/Tremor Christ/Even Flow/Green Disease/Immortality/Marker In the Sand/Deep/Black/Lukin/Porch
Encore. . .
Given to Fly/Once/Smile/Garden/Street Fighting Man/Alive/Baba O'Riley/Yellow Ledbetter

I'll start off by giving myself a hard time - I put off doing this recap for far too long. I told myself I would do it before the year ended...somehow saying to myself getting it done one day before the last day of the year is a huge success.

The last show of the tour for us was about to begin. I worked the day between the shows from the hotel and then Mike and I had a nice evening of shopping and pizza. I bought a new pair of Dr. Martens that I was so excited to wear to the show instead of my typical Nikes. BTW, those Docs have barely left my feet since buying them in September. I also worked a 1/2 day the morning of the show. Took a nap and then headed to the venue to engage in a merch adventure to get stickers. So silly.

Mike had started to feel somewhat sick. So we took it easy.

Our seats for the show were a vast improvement over the night before. A little further back from the stage than my normal 10C issued tickets but only second that was nice. We also had lots of pals in our section so that was nice.

Before I give my random commentary, I will say this show was a good show. Great combo between the two nights for sure. With that said, I was still somewhat surprised with an Elderly opener. It's fine, but still.

Mike had speculated that we would hear Come Back...and we did. I love hearing it even if it's a sad song and usually played because someone died. Present Tense. The best. Did not expect to hear Tremor Christ so that was also such a nice surprise.

Of course Mike lost his shit during Lukin...feeling sick or not.

Encore was fun. GTF...always welcome in my book. Smile...Garden? And OH MAN Street Fighting Man?!?!? One of my favorite PJ covers (ahem 1994 kickass). The show ended perfectly for us - YELLOW LEDBETTER.

Let's see what else do I remember? Chelios. Chelios. Chelios.

TBH, I was feeling a little bummed. This was show 120 for me. 120? I hit 100 shows when I was pregnant with Nate. Kids. Covid. My show attendance had taken a nose dive in 10 years. That's what bummed me out. Then we weren't going to Noblesville for a multitude of reasons...Sunday night. No tickets from lotto. Kids. Work. Blah blah blah. I hate to be that person but I was so happy when the show was cancelled due to sickness because I knew I would make the rescheduled date.

I was so happy to have this break from reality and see some shows.

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