July 14th, 2003
PNC Arts Center
Holmdel, New Jersey


Ed Solo Pre-Set...
Dead Man
Main Set...
Wash, Once, Even Flow, Go, Dissident, Corduroy, Nothingman, I Got Shit, In My Tree, Present Tense, Given To Fly, Wishlist/Why Can't I Touch It?, Evacuation, Insignificance, 1/2 Full, Save You, Porch
First Encore...
Growin' Up, Do The Evolution, Daughter/Androgynous Mind, Alive
Second Encore...
Hunger Strike, Leaving Here, Fortunate Son, Rockin' in the Free World
Third Encore...
Yellow Ledbetter

Last show of the tour...and birth of "The Dead Man Girl."

We were late getting to the venue...because in a far off land called Atlantic City, my hotel room overslept. Our group split into two groups, one in one room, the second in the other room. We had decided on a time to leave...and that is when we got a phonecall from the other room saying, "Ready to go?" Yeah, um SHIT. Then we ended up getting off at the wrong exit for Holmdel...and actually driving through that town (that barely can be considered existing).

The usual suspects weren't buzzing around the venue until way later that day. And it was disappointing. Last day of tour and people weren't there to hang out. I don't care how grouchy everyone was, peeps should've been there for a last hurrah. I didn't have a ticket for this show and I lucked out big time. I was in the right place at the right time...someone offered Tim a ticket and Tim already had one...so Tim let me have it. A nice phatty fan club ticket. It turned out to be the last seat in fifth row on Stone's side (sigh). However, it was essentially a front row ticket as it was a seat right next to the stage. I couldn't have been happier with my seat. The only thing that could've made it better was to be sitting amongst friends, but that was asking a LOT for this show...as everyone and their mom wanted a ticket to this show.

Before the show, we caught the soundcheck. It was so cool to be there sitting and listening to a soundcheck that was clear as day. I don't care if it gave away the "surprises" of the set. It was wonderful. And fun.

We didn't leave the venue once we got there (as it's the only thing at the exit on the highway...the venue). That meant we were forced to eat venue food for dinner...my favorite (gag me with a spoon). It was awful. Awful awful awful. I hate venue food.

Obviously, I watched TEH pre-set. Which apparently makes you cool.

I left once Ed finished Dead Man. I will be honest: I do not like Sleater Kinney. I would never even pretend I like them. I just don't dig 'em.

Show opened with wash. It was no shocker, as we heard it at soundcheck. But it was still awesome. Especially since I had never seen it live before. Yee-freaking-haw! This set was quite unique in that it went a few songs from Ten, a few songs from Vs, a few songs from Vitalogy, a few songs from No Code, a few songs from Yield, a few songs from Binaural, and then a few songs from Riot Act. Though, you probably didn't need ME to tell you that:-)

Dissident and then Corduroy following...totally yum! Glad I got to hear In My Tree one last time. Just wish it didn't have that damn keyboard solo...

Porch topped the main set. Nice.
Ed came out and played Growin' Up. Even though I'm not familar with Bruce's line of work, it was really nice to hear something different. I definitely enjoyed it.

Hunger Strike was performed at second encore. Again, wasn't shocking because we heard it at soundcheck. But it was really kickass to hear it while actually seeing the band. Very cool.

Now, I know a lot of people (and friends) will hate me to say this, but it's what I feel and I'm entitled to it: I wish my last show of the tour wasn't a Pearl Jam-Sleater Kinney encore. I love Fortunate Son, but am so not a fan when Sleater Kinney is involved. I just wanted my band. I'm selfish.

Third and final encore was Yellow Ledbetter...the only way you can end the last show on the tour (well, it wasn't truely, but as far as I was concerned, it was the last show). It was really surreal this time around...

The really bad part of this day, and this tour, was that we were not able to say good bye to everyone. We were chased away from the venue by policemen and seething dogs. It was awful. I just wanted to say good bye to the people I knew I wouldn't see until the next round. But that opportunity was taken away by stupid PNC jerkies. But maybe it was a good thing...because milling around Key Arena (for what seemed like days) after the last Seattle show in 2000 was more unsettling, I think, than being chased away by dogs.

2003 tour...at an end.

What a ride it was.
Drama, drama, drama. It was a lesson that no matter how well you know your friends, there's always room for tiffs and grouchiness. And no matter how many times you travel around in a car to go see shows, you always come back with something new.

I had a lot of fun on the 2003 tour...while it may not seem like it when you read my last couple of recaps for the tour. I have to admit, while the shows were a lot more ballsy than the 2000 tour, the setlists just didn't seem as spectacular because they seemed more repeated than before. The cover-after-cover-after-cover encores got a bit tiresome. And BOOM. I'm sorry, I am no a BOOM fan. Keyboards make my ears bleed.

So, I am indeed a snob. I can actually not entirely "love" some of the shows I attend. But you know what? I can still say, hands down, 2003 Tour was a fucking RIOT!!!

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