July 6th, 2003
Tweeter Center
Camden, New Jersey

The Buzzcocks

Ed Solo Pre-Set...
The Kids Are Alright
Main Set...
Of The Girl, Breakerfall, Hail Hail, Save You, Grievance, Dissident, Immortality, I Am Mine, Get Right, Even Flow, In My Tree, Lukin, Not For You, Nothingman, You Are, Whipping, Porch
First Encore...
Jeremy, Elderly Woman, Better Man, Daughter/War, Alive
Second Encore...
Do The Evolution, Fucking Up, Rockin' In The Free World

Even though I had just "gotten back" on the road, I was really excited about this day because there was no fan club line. That meant we could get to the venue at a normal time and see a city, for once. This day was definitely chill for us. We ate lunch at Doerr's. And then departed for Philadelphia. We went to the Muetter museum (medical oddity museum: if you're in Philly and need to kill some time, get yourself there). Then we went and got grub on South street. Got pizza from the same place Doerr had gotten me pizza from the day before. I hearted that place. Mmmm. I believe on this day, I did some shopping, too. I bought a pair of Diesel sandals (sandals I already had, but in pink). They were on sale. I had to have another pair because I loved the one pair I had. The day was enjoyable. It was nice.

Though we could get to the venue "later", we got there early enough to make it for Ed's pre-set. I believe this was also the day that Ed came onstage with The Buzzcocks. Kinda nice.

Again, another one of those shows that I look back on (a year and a month later) and go, "Why was I not impressed with this show?"

They opened with Of The Girl (one of my all-time favorite openers). The set burned in the beginning. But I bet that's also what made it so damn hot in that poorly designed venue. So many nice songs were played that night...songs I love to hear, like Dissident, Immortality, In My Tree (new version or old version, it's still a kick ass song), and You Are. I think I petered out when they came back from encore and played Jeremy. And then eventually Better Man. I don't know. Just something about the encore did not sit right with me. (If anyone even bothers to e-mail me about this recap...and think they are going to argue my opinions and thoughts on these shows, please save yourself the time typing something to me because it's not worth argueing).

My toes hurt for this show. I wore heeled (platform) tennis shoes and wasn't thinking about the fact that the STUPID venue is set up on an incline, so you have to stand on an incline the entire time. My feet hurt within a song or two. And yeah, that's my fault, not the band's, but again, it's little things like that that can prevent me from having a good time. Again, call me a brat. At the end of the show, it really began to hit me that the tour was almost done with. One weekish...and then I wouldn't see many people again for a long time. I hate that feeling.

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