May 9th, 2010
Quicken Loans Arena
Cleveland, Ohio

Main Set...
Wash/Hail, Hail/Corduroy/Got Some/In Hiding/World Wide Suicide/Force of Nature/Immortality/Go/Even Flow/Army Reserve/Unthought Known/Daughter/Sleight Of Hand/Johnny Guitar/Do The Evolution/The Fixer/Why Go
First Encore...
Just Breathe/Given To Fly/Leash/Porch
Second Encore...
Wasted Reprise/Life Wasted/Black/The Real Me/Smile/Alive/Indifference

Seems all good things have to come to an end. Pearl Jam tour is no exception to that rule.

Mike and I spent the last morning of tour doing something "rock and roll" and that was visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I hadn't been since I was 16 years (that would've been a lapse of 13 years people). I really did not remember much from it AT ALL except buying souvenirs. Mike hadn't been, so we went. Kind of a waste of cash. Way too small. Whatever. At the same time we were going through, though, the lead singer and keyboardist for Band of Horses were going through it, too.

After the RARHOF, we grabbed a pizza and well, ended up parking the car in the structure across the street from The Gund (I don't even live in Cleveland but it will always be the Gund or Gunt to me). We took a two hour nap in the car while we heard the Tigers play the Indians across the street. Met up with everyone after we had a terrible dinner at a place we SHOULD have had dinner at but didn't know existed (some guy was out front shouting at people to come in, he wasn't there when Mike and I had walked by an hour earlier).

Knew about the soundcheck beforehand (Wash, Undone, Sleight of Hand, Fatal, No Way, Speed of Sound). Was quite excited with the prospect of hearing Wash, Fatal and No Way.

Went to our seats (8th row HARD Jeff side). Realized I was not going to see anything at all, looked over at side stage and saw where Jess and Mike Dolin were sitting. Decided we would entertain sitting with them for the show instead of the floor. They had us packt in like sardines on the floor and there was just no way it was going to be enjoyable down there. All in all, it worked out, we sat in the first row we were allowed to sit in on Mike's side and had a great view the whole show.

Not surprisingly, knowing the soundcheck, the show opened with Wash. I just think it's ridiculous because I kept saying they were going to open with Wash in New Orleans and then Noblesville. That didn't happenÉbut it did eventually happen in Cleveland. Man, I tell you, with the four shows I saw, I totally lucked out with awesome openers (So You Wanna Be A Rock and Roll Star, Oceans, Release and Wash). I was a very lucky lucky girl.

As "traditional" with these 2010 shows, the band finished their opener and just rocked it out. Hail, Hail into Corduroy? Yes, please. Some really great gems at this show including Immortality and Leash. Wasted Reprise into Life Wasted is always great to hear.

A few requests (aka played because of signs) occurred during the second encore (The Real Me and Smile). I was shocked that after honoring those signs that they didn't honor the sign up on the second level that read "Better Man". I don't hate --- but it was nice to not hear it at this last show on my run.

McCready definitely gave our friends lots of attention during the show. This may be surprising to most, but I have a few Mike picks, but none of them I got on my own. At my 83rd show, I finally got a Mike McCready pick!

Show ended with Indifference which was just SPLENDID.

This was a great show and a wonderful way to end our tour. It definitely left me wanting more. Part of the thing about being a grown up is realizing you can't always have it all and you gotta enjoy what you can get. At this phase in my life, I totally get it. I'm not 17 or 19 or 22 anymore. I can't get weeks off from work and even if I could, there's no way I could afford to do weeks and weeks of touring. I'm grateful I've gotten to see what I've seen (hah especially when tickets were $40 or less).

After the show we had some fun with Rob doing some Pearl Jam Radio stuff. I was sad that we had to face reality the next day. Mike and I drove back to Detroit and in the morning, we tried to ease the pain with some Slow's. It helped, but that lingering silent feeling was still prevalent. Life away from the band when they are on tour is just that --- silent.

Thanks to everyone we got to hang out with during this jaunt. It was so wonderful and we got to see some incredible shows together. Until next tour...

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