April 26th, 2003
Mellon Arena
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Main Set...
Elderly Woman, Hail, Hail, Save You, Corduroy, Insignificance, Cropduster, Daughter, Even Flow, Faithfull, Whipping, Immortality, Blood, Down, Love Boat Captain, Wishlist/Improv, Better Man, Go
First Encore...
Last Kiss, Breakerfall, Once, Alive, Footsteps, Rearviewmirror
Second Encore...
Hide Your Love Away (Ed solo), Know Your Rights, Do The Evolution, Porch, Yellow Ledbetter

Even though there was "line drama" before this show...we were all pretty amped up about the show. A lot of people were there, yo. Rich and I had some nice 2nd row center tickets...and get this...we got to sit next to Kirkland, again. Heh.

Show opened with Elderly Woman which probably bummed a lot of people off at the start. I like to keep an open mind...hah...

Hail, Hail was played next. I looooooove that song live.

One of the weirdest thing ever occurred at this show: there was no Daughter tag. It was so strange. So 1992.

Faithful. Sigh. Yes. This song is so great to hear. Anything off Yield...I tell ya...

Kirk and Rich went crazy for Whipping...oh yes they did.

Down was played. I am a fan of Down. Sure, there are other b-sides that need to be played...but man, I think this song is great and I was so happy to hear it for the first time since the Key Arena shows in December.

Let's see...time has passed too much (a whopping week...) so I don't recall too much from this show. Plus I was way tired. But I can distinctly remember Last Kiss being the best Last Kiss I have ever seen. The band turned around and played it to the people sitting behind the stage. LOL I hope no one shows them the footage of the fan club section...cause yeah...it was pretty dead on the floor. Everyone was just sorta looking around and talking to each other;-)

We got the Mamasan Trilogy. Out of order. But still COOL.

I call the version of Rearviewmirror played at this show: Rearviewmirror (Who Is This Guy?) in reference to Mr. Gossard. He was down on the floor... all bent over his guitar being all...not Stone Gossard-like. Haha it was kickass.

Ed came out and played You've Got To Hide Your Love Away at 2nd encore. Know Your Rights came next...such an entertaining song to see because Ed gets sooooo into it.

Porch and Ledbetter closed the set.

Heh, and I had less than week until I saw the band again. Tour is great.

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