April 9th, 2016
American Airlines Arena
Miami, Florida

Setlist. . .
Corduroy/Do The Evolution/Mind Your Manners/Save You/Pilate/Dissident/W.M.A./Even Flow/Infallible/Daughter/Sad/ Down/Tremor Christ/Wishlist/Jeremy/State Of Love And Trust/Rearviewmirror
Encore 1. . .
Good Woman/Just Breathe/Sleeping By Myself/Comfortably Numb/Sirens/Once/Given To Fly/Porch
Encore 2. . .
Soldier Of Love/Spin The Black Circle/Black/Alive/Rockin' In The Free World

We spent the morning making our way from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami. We took the scenic route, stopping to see the mural in Ft. Lauderdale. The weather was just perfect, made us feel so grateful to be where we were. When we made it to our hotel in Miami, we were disappointed to find out our room was not ready yet. The person at the desk told us she would call us...in the meantime, I went to get a pedicure at the salon in the hotel. A visit to a salon on day-of-show was a definite first for me. When I was done and still hadn't been called by the front desk, we marched back over there and I got some BS line about how they tried calling me. Maybe in the day where people didn't have cell phones, that line could work, but not anymore. Anyway, the bonus was they upgraded us to a condo in a different tower.

Now this condo...was bigger than our home. Kind of pathetic and wasteful for one night...but we enjoyed all it's square footage and two full bathrooms (one with bidet.) After we checked in, we changed and went down to the pool for some rest and relaxation. We wanted to make it to Miami Beach (we drove through) but we were so ready to just park it...so we did just that.

We could see the venue from our hotel balcony and it was not too far of a walk (just under a mile.) We took the free trolley to get to the venue to hang out there. We had tickets to distribute to folks. We ended up spending time staring at this most amazing yacht that was docked right next to the venue. We also waited to get in at an entrance above the GA line and in doing so, we got an cool view of everyone getting into the venue and also a short wait compared to the other doors. Got in, got some stickers because we could. Eventually we made our way outside on the pavilion where a DJ was spinning (? yeah don't ask me) and we just enjoyed the weather and the views.

Overall, our feel for THIS American Airlines Arena was not positive. The Dallas American Airlines Arena was 800x better than this place. I thought Miami Heat's venue would be nice...not really. It's not like it was disgusting, but it sure wasn't great.

In retrospect, the set looks nice. There were some gems. Dissident, W.M.A., Tremor Christ...
...and Good Woman was super amazing. That was so incredible to hear.
Comfortably Numb was awesome. Soldier of Love was a good "update" to Last Kiss...in fact, prior to this show, I kept talking about how great it would be to play it to the back to throw everyone off. Ah yes, and the Happy Birthday to Kevin.

So like I said, it was a good show...but our section really sucked (Stone side). Maybe we were tired from the night before (we aren't spring chickens anymore.) Between the two shows, we had a much fonder memory of Ft. Lauderdale than of Miami. But together, they were great and we were so glad and fortunate we were able to go!

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